Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Our life

What's been happening the last little while..

Jon and I have started visiting the Northgate Church in Perth. Its been nice having a Church close to home. The church community is very friendly and have been very welcoming to us. The preaching is solid and biblical. There is lots of young couples and families. 

I have always wanted to go to a Church that is close and I can get involved in bible studies and meetings. It can be hard to do that when we have had to drive long distances. I'm excited to get involved in different activities. 

I really feel the Lord will bless us in this Church and I'm excited to be able to attend.


It's been getting chillier outside. I love the fall time and wearing scarves and sweater. I got married in the fall so thats always something to look forward too :) Its nice having a long weekend always near our anniversary. Hopefully fall is nice and long and we don't have to worry about the snow and freezing weather. Because that is definitely not something I like. We are also borrowing Jon's friends dump truck to bring over our wood for the winter. It will be nice having enough wood for this winter and hopefully have some left over for the year after. Jon has been working so hard to get all the wood together. 


We have been going to a lot of weddings lately. My cousin got married late August, a childhood friend got married early September and another friend is getting married late September. Its nice to be able to share with people on their special day.

I hope everyone is having a great September! Skylos and I are staying warm and snuggling each other close. 


Beautiful fall flowers on our porch

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Spend it wisely

I had so many different plans in my head of things we should do. This "master summer vacation list." 

What we did was so much more..

Stayed over at my in-laws for the weekend

Stayed at my parents for a couple days

Found out my brother was getting ENGAGED!!! 

Shopped with Simon for engagement ring

Shopped with Simon for engagement decor and scooped out the engagement spot

Decorated their engagement spot and got to witness a beautiful proposal  

Celine and Simon got engaged!!!!

Had an engagement party for my brother and Celine

Driving to camping with the boys

Went camping with family 

Couples massage at Brookstreet

Dinner and desert at Red Lobster 

Shopping for birthday gifts for family 

Dinner with my Mom and Dad and Oma 

Napped on hammock 

Swam at Mains house 


Mario kart, M&M peanuts and twizzlers date 

Re-stacked wood at our place 

Dinner at my sisters place

Got my nails done

Jon did some wood carving 

Bridge street bazaar with family

Chinese dinner for two

Watched some movies we have been meaning to watch 


All was done while getting sick with colds. I love my life and all the amazing little blessings. Couldn't ask for a better life or a better person to spend it with. This summer vacation was perfect and I really mean it. So much love and joy packed into 18 days off. I'm so excited for the up coming wedding of my brother and soon to be sister-in-law. Im excited for the life they will share and happy to help in anyway I can with wedding plans. 

I'm thankful for an amazing husband I love and the fun, laughter and love we share. Jon and I love the small things in life. People always ask me "is your life really as good as you make it seem?" I always respond it really is. I choose to look at the good things. It's a choice some people choose not to do. It's not that my life is perfect. Far from it. But nothing is perfect on earth. We all have struggles and sin in our lives. I choose to not let the struggles consume me and pray to God to forgive me for sins. I've learned to thank God for every breath and everything He blesses me with. You never know when He will call you home. Even through trails and hardship God has been by my side. He has been my strength and He blesses me with support of loved ones. I thank Him for every day He gives me and all the love he shows towards me and I try my best to pass that love onto to other around me. I do my best to live a Godly life and not get caught up in being unsatisfied with where I am in life. I am right where God wants me to be and where I'm suppose to be. He has a plan for me and I am thankful for everything He has given me. God gave me this amazing husband who loves me and who I adore more then anything. Together Jon and I make the best of every day God blesses us with. We have an amazing life. It doesn't come without hard work. But it's worth it. I'm not just talking about material things. I'm talking spiritual, and material. Things don't come easy and don't come without hard work. Don't get caught up in always wanting what others have. Work hard in relationships, in life, in work and be thankful for everything you do have. 

I had a truly amazing vacation! It wasn't all the "stuff" we did or money we spent. It was the little things. Did the dinners out and outings cost money. Of course. But it was the time spent and memories made that I cherish. I adored moments with my family, in-laws, future in-laws and nephews and niece. Those are what counts.

 Time is something you don't get more of. Spend it wisely. 



Friday, 18 July 2014

Summer Holidays!

7 days of holidays for me and another 11 days of holidays with Jon:)

I can't wait we have a whole list of things I/we want to do:

- Bake cookies
- Go for a massage with Elise at the Brookstreet
- Paint full length mirror and chest of drawers
- Rent paddle boats 
- Calypso water park
- Glow in the dark mini putt
- Camping
- Strawberry picking
- Carp bingo
- Couples massage at Spa Nordik 
and the list goes on...

I can't wait to not wake up at 4:40am and actually sleep in. Just to have the time to relax and visit with people. Be able to have people out for dinner and not have to worry about getting up for work the next day. I seriously can't wait until Jon is off with me.. until then I shall relax and be here for him every evening when he gets home. I love my life<3

Hope everyone has a safe summer holiday!


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Organized Home

I try and keep an organized home. Over the last couple of weeks I have made a list of rooms/ cupboards I have been meaning to organize.

I re-organized the storage room

We organized and tidied our office/ craft room

I took everything out and washed out under the sink. Its nice having all our cleaning supplies tidied up.

We keep a clean and well organized house. Its well lived in and its not perfectly clean all the time. But its well kept and tidied on a daily bases. Considering we both work full-time jobs and have a social life and I'm not home full time. I think we do a pretty good job of keeping our house clean. The dogs do the best to make sure it doesn't stay that way lol. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend with family and friends. Jon&I had an awesome long weekend. Couldn't of asked for better weather or company<3 

Our summer vacation will be here before we know it, I only have 8 working days left until my vacation and 13 working days for Jon until his vacation starts. We are excited to have 11 days together!! We are planning on camping, water parks and relaxing to take up most of our vacation time.
..And I CANNOT wait!! 

Have a wonderful week my blogging friends! Hope you all have wonderful summer plans with family and friends. Enjoy these beautiful days we have been having!


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The country life

  Animals are being drawn to our house lately. In the last couple of           weeks we have had:  

                                Raccoon in a tree

Our big 100+ year old apple tree has a hollowed out spot in the apple tree. Odin jumped up and kept sniffing around. Jon looked in the tree to find a raccoon cuddled up and catching an afternoon nap.

                 Porcupine and baby 

A porcupine and her baby decided to come for a visit. Waddled along our grass and strolled back to the woods.

      Hummingbird in the fireplace

The cat was going nuts on the fireplace and I found the hummingbird. I was able to get it out and chased 2 dogs, a cat and a humming bird through the house. Finally got it outside and it lived! 

              Cow in our yard

Went into the kitchen to get a drink and saw a cow looking back at me. Thankfully Jon was home and we were able to get the farmer to herd it back in to the field. 

A mouse in our bedroom

Last night Jon heard the cat going nuts on the dresser. He moved the dresser to find a little mouse hiding in the corner.

I'm not sure what animals we should expect in the next couple of weeks. At least we are both prepared and ready. Lol. 

- Dee

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Jon+Dee's Gardens

Our garden so far this year!! I love that we have all these beautiful gardens. With us both working full time jobs, its nice to come home and spend time outside weeding or watering the plants. I never thought I would love gardening as much as I do. Jon really enjoys it as well :) What a great way to unwind after a long day. 

This red bush is beautiful 

Hard at work 

Our vegetable garden really came together!

Our tomato plants are awesome!

Jon and I always take time to keep things tidy and nice. Inside and out. I love that we have space to landscape and really make it look beautiful. God has truly blessed us.