Friday, 18 July 2014

Summer Holidays!

7 days of holidays for me and another 11 days of holidays with Jon:)

I can't wait we have a whole list of things I/we want to do:

- Bake cookies
- Go for a massage with Elise at the Brookstreet
- Paint full length mirror and chest of drawers
- Rent paddle boats 
- Calypso water park
- Glow in the dark mini putt
- Camping
- Strawberry picking
- Carp bingo
- Couples massage at Spa Nordik 
and the list goes on...

I can't wait to not wake up at 4:40am and actually sleep in. Just to have the time to relax and visit with people. Be able to have people out for dinner and not have to worry about getting up for work the next day. I seriously can't wait until Jon is off with me.. until then I shall relax and be here for him every evening when he gets home. I love my life<3

Hope everyone has a safe summer holiday!


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Organized Home

I try and keep an organized home. Over the last couple of weeks I have made a list of rooms/ cupboards I have been meaning to organize.

I re-organized the storage room

We organized and tidied our office/ craft room

I took everything out and washed out under the sink. Its nice having all our cleaning supplies tidied up.

We keep a clean and well organized house. Its well lived in and its not perfectly clean all the time. But its well kept and tidied on a daily bases. Considering we both work full-time jobs and have a social life and I'm not home full time. I think we do a pretty good job of keeping our house clean. The dogs do the best to make sure it doesn't stay that way lol. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend with family and friends. Jon&I had an awesome long weekend. Couldn't of asked for better weather or company<3 

Our summer vacation will be here before we know it, I only have 8 working days left until my vacation and 13 working days for Jon until his vacation starts. We are excited to have 11 days together!! We are planning on camping, water parks and relaxing to take up most of our vacation time.
..And I CANNOT wait!! 

Have a wonderful week my blogging friends! Hope you all have wonderful summer plans with family and friends. Enjoy these beautiful days we have been having!


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The country life

  Animals are being drawn to our house lately. In the last couple of           weeks we have had:  

                                Raccoon in a tree

Our big 100+ year old apple tree has a hollowed out spot in the apple tree. Odin jumped up and kept sniffing around. Jon looked in the tree to find a raccoon cuddled up and catching an afternoon nap.

                 Porcupine and baby 

A porcupine and her baby decided to come for a visit. Waddled along our grass and strolled back to the woods.

      Hummingbird in the fireplace

The cat was going nuts on the fireplace and I found the hummingbird. I was able to get it out and chased 2 dogs, a cat and a humming bird through the house. Finally got it outside and it lived! 

              Cow in our yard

Went into the kitchen to get a drink and saw a cow looking back at me. Thankfully Jon was home and we were able to get the farmer to herd it back in to the field. 

A mouse in our bedroom

Last night Jon heard the cat going nuts on the dresser. He moved the dresser to find a little mouse hiding in the corner.

I'm not sure what animals we should expect in the next couple of weeks. At least we are both prepared and ready. Lol. 

- Dee

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Jon+Dee's Gardens

Our garden so far this year!! I love that we have all these beautiful gardens. With us both working full time jobs, its nice to come home and spend time outside weeding or watering the plants. I never thought I would love gardening as much as I do. Jon really enjoys it as well :) What a great way to unwind after a long day. 

This red bush is beautiful 

Hard at work 

Our vegetable garden really came together!

Our tomato plants are awesome!

Jon and I always take time to keep things tidy and nice. Inside and out. I love that we have space to landscape and really make it look beautiful. God has truly blessed us.


Thursday, 15 May 2014

Long weekend blissfullness

May long weekend is in in t-minus ONE day baby!! :) A short 4 hour admin day and I'll be off until Tuesday at 2pm. Awesome sauce!! I love our long weekends. What I love the most about our long weekends (or any time spent together) is we do things together. We love doing things together! It's what makes us a great team. The relationship Jon and I have is as strong as it is, because we always, I mean always, no matter what have each others backs. We build each other up and spend real time together. 

That's what I love about our life. We don't base what we are doing on what other people do. We enjoy our life:) We work hard for the things we have. But we do it together. That's the main part. We don't think one of us works harder then the other, we don't compare. If I clean the house, Jon does dinner. If I do laundry, Jon will clean the bathroom or which ever.. We don't designate jobs.. We get things done.. together -period- We both work full time and keep a tidy house and happy dogs :) 

Some people spend their whole lives doing things separately from their spouses and family, never taking time for date nights (I'm not saying an expensive dinner out and movie, even just a home cooked meal and a movie at home) time spent together. Life can get as busy as you want it to be and you can make priorities. Some people choose work, some people choose money, or  time spent with the girls. All those things are needed and nice to do. I love my job, I work hard and we live in our dream home, I have girl nights out. BUT it's not my life. It doesn't make up who I am. It is a part of my life. 

I chose to live my life with Jon and build a family together. He is the one who I love to spend my time with. We go out and enjoy visiting people together and hanging out just the two of us sometimes. I think its important to do that. Not let other things take up so much time that you blink and your life is gone. 

I guess what I am trying to say is to enjoy the long weekend with friends and family. God puts blessings in your life, enjoy them, thank God for them. 

Our weekends are full of time spent with family and friends. We get things done around the house and we enjoy being together. I love the amazing relationship we have. We can get frustrated at each other, argue,  just like anyone else. But the core of our relationship is so strong nothing can separate us. 

I guess what brought this blog post on, is that I have seen some pretty amazing couples at my clinic. That after years and years of marriage still enjoy coming to adjustments together and doing things together, making plans together for the weekend. I see how strong their marriage is and I think it's awesome. I have met some people that have NO idea what their significant other is doing, what they are up to, they are some where doing something. It makes me sad that married people live such separate lives. 

Jon loves building things and will go into his shop. I love blogging and scrapbooking and creative stuff like that. We do things separately. But for the most part in all honesty we like gardening together, watching our tv shows, going out for late night snacks :) Theres nothing wrong with doing things separately. But when other things in your life take away from your family, I think its time to revaluate what is important. 

Most importantly live your life for you. Don't spend your whole life comparing to what others have. God designed the perfect life for you. It's not always going to be easy, but it will be your life. 

Enjoy your long weekend. I know us here at the Mains house will :)

Feeling blessed.
Dee (Jon+Odin and Skylos) 

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

God's promise to us

Genesis 9:8-17

8 Again, God said to Noah and his sons:
9 I am going to make a solemn promise to you and to everyone who will live after you. 10 this includes the birds and the animals that came out of the boat. 11 I promise every living creature that the earth and those living on it will never again be destroyed by a flood. 
12 The rainbow that I have put in the sky will be my sign to you and to every living creature on earth. 13 It will remind you that I will keep this promise forever. 14 When I send clouds over the earth, and a rainbow appears in the sky, 15 I will remember my promise to you and to all other living creatures. Never again will I let floodwater destroy all life. 16 When I see the rainbow in the sky, I will always remember the promise that I have made to every living creature. 17 The rainbow will be the sign of that solemn promise. 

This seemed like it fit with all this April showers we have been having. It sure is a wet one out there. BUT the good thing is our lily buds have gone from just poking out of the ground to almost 3 inches high!! Yeah! I know right!;) So all this rain is making the gardens and grass grow after this long long long winter. I hope everyone is staying dry and warm during all this rain. Just remember we were just complaining not that long ago that we wanted the snow gone. So at least the snow is now gone and the rain is helping spring come here faster. Or thats at least what I tell myself. lol


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Being satisfied and fulfilled

I'm not expert on being satisfied and feeling fulfilled in life. But I know someone who is.. God. in the bible on many occasions it says about how to live your life. Trusting in Him. Giving Thanks to God.:

But lay up for yourself treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rush destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. - Matthew 6:20

- Matthew 19 I would suggest reading the whole chapter. It is to long to write but its very good and goes along with my blog post. Instead of taking bits and pieces or writing out the whole thing. I suggest reading it:) Saves having a VERY long blog post. lol

Giving thanks always for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
-Psalms 107:1
Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will God in Christ Jesus for you. -1 Thessalonians 5:18

-Psalm 139 Another great chapter. To many good things to just take bits and pieces. I suggest looking this one up and reading as well. God has a plan for you. You.. yes you. It's perfect and He knows each and step you are going to take in it. Trust in Him.

Now does all those things sound easy? Do all those things mean you will have this amazing life full of no sorrow and problems?

Well in fact no. When I say God has the "perfect" plan for you. Doesn't mean we will understand it or know what blessings will come from it. In fact it says if you follow Him life will be hard. You will be persecuted. This thing called life. That you and I and everyone is living isn't easy. If it was it wouldn't be much of a life. I've been through hard times. Trust me I was very very sick only 2 summers ago. I made it through by the grace of God alone. Family and friends were in my life placed there by Him. So when I say life can be hard. I truly do know what that means. 

Now your thinking well this isn't a very uplifting blog post..So this isn't about a satisfying and fulfilling life. Well it actually is. If there's one thing I learned from going through a horrible illness is.. Life is precious. 

God can be your strength and you will find the blessings from even the worst situations. Because even If YOU Don't know what the situation is all about guess what. God does. There's never something that's out of His control. Never something that comes as a surprise to Him. That in itself saved me. An all powerful all knowing all gracious God is planning a perfect plan for me. I may not know the steps that I will have to take. But He does. I may not know the struggles I will have to face. But He does. I may not know the amazing blessings and joys he has in store. But yes He does. 

 He has the perfect life in store for you. Live it to the fullest. Rejoice in the blessing He gives you. Pray on bending knee for strength when going through trial. Let Him be your strength. Let His perfect love be your joy. Live the life God gave you to the fullest. Build up your treasures in heaven. You have one life to live. But all eternity with Him if you follow Him.  

 I truly hope Jesus is your Saviour and I truly hope if He is you are living your life to the fullest in Him. If being given a second chance in life has taught me anything it is thankfulness in the life you have and thankfulness in what God can do when you put your hope in Him.  

 Amazing love how can it be. That you my King should die for me. Amazing love and I know it's true and its my joy to honor you. In all I do. To honor you. - You are my king (Amazing Love) by Newsboys

 Blessings in Him,